Vladimir Martinka is highly sought after as a composer of original music for feature films, documentaries and commercials in Europe and America.

Musically informed by his experiences as a classical concert pianist and chamber musician, as well as his studies in music and film scoring both in Europe (Film Akademie Germany) and America (Boston Conservatory & Berklee College of Music, New York Film Music Institute), Vladimir’s music spans traditional orchestral film music through to today’s technology-driven contemporary film music styles.

For over 10 years, Vladimir has worked with session orchestras around the world recording music for film, documentaries, television and games. The dozens of Hollywood and European film music credits to his name span all facets of film music production, reflecting Vladimir’s complete understanding and mastery of film scoring, from the translation of visual drama and narrative into a musical underscore, to the practicalities of recording, mixing and mastering music.

As the founder, manager and conductor of both the Bratislava and Prague Studio Orchestras, Vladimir is in constant demand recording film scores for film composers from around the world, as well as writing and recording his own original music for film and television.